After a year of solid pandemic shut down, we decided to start back up again this winter. So far, a steady stream of eager skiers have followed us through the woods and we could not be more excited to get back making tracks in the snow! It's been a rollercoaster of temperatures ranging from above zero to -35ºF in short order. For the folks who are genuinely interested in human powered experiences, these temps feel like a walk in the park after they ski. We've had visitors from Mexico City, Dubai, Florida, and smattering of other warm climates. All beginners, they took to the trails with no experience of being in the cold OR having skis on their feet and emerged out of the forest an hour later super toasty with their blood pumping and a layer or two of clothing in my backpack. Smiling faces and a new sense of what it means to cruise through the forest on top of the deep snow by the power of your own two feet. We are satisfied and happy our guests have been too!

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