Skiing Is Our Passion

Backcountry is Our Backyard

A lifelong alaskan practically born on skis, founder Hannah Corral created Northbound Ski Tour Co. out of a passion for sharing the itch for off-trail winter exploring. Recognizing that the slopes and groomed trails can sometimes be an intimidating experience for folks who have never been on skis before, Hannah wanted to bring the joy of skiing to all levels, all experiences, and all backgrounds. As an avid outdoors person with a deep well of knowledge of the wilderness and how to experience it in the fullest, Hannah and her team of local enthusiastic and friendly snow bunnies are here to uncover the snowy secrets of the winter that is hiding in the backcountry of Fairbanks' backyard. A former competitive cross-country skier and coach, Hannah's love for the sport and lifestyle is infectious and will leave you wondering what's beyond the trees and valleys of Interior Alaska.