Skiing Is Our Passion

An Alaskan practically born on skis, founder Hannah Corral created Northbound Ski Tour Co. out of a passion for sharing the curiosity of off-trail winter travel and connecting with oneself and the land. Recognizing that skiing has many barriers if you're new to the sport and can sometimes be an intimidating experience, Hannah wanted to bring the joy of skiing to all levels and backgrounds with a lifetime appreciation and respect for wild places.  Hannah's infectious love of the snow and moving on it will leave you wondering what is beyond the trees and valleys of Interior Alaska and how you can see it on your own power.

Hannah has skied all over Alaska, Canada, and Europe on terrain varying from the flats of the lowlands to the high alpine peaks and appreciates sharing stories in the snow with visitors from all over the world. 

Everyone at Northbound Ski Tour Co. is dedicated to recognizing that we are on the land of the Lower Tanana Dene people and encourage our guests to learn more about the lands they visit and who lived there first...